Sunday, October 6, 2013


I was ambitious, having failed my A levels and didn't have any qualifications. I felt as if it would be my last and only chance to switch my life upside down. I knew very well, I can't afford to get anything wrong at the point of time where I was applying to go to UK, April-May time of 2008. Those days, I was not a fan of taking photographs or collecting souvenirs. I used to think that the life should just go on without collecting things to remember our lives as we live.
Managed to get the visa and went to UK. At the beginning, days were slowly passing by and dull with a big question mark about my future screwing me in my head everyday. It was not easy to have too many unknowns and stay alone reading the guide book university had provided us.

A long walk to university in the morning and evening, hours of effort trying to find a job, the excessive amount of learning in an accelerated condition of a new city and the cold whether confirmed my exhausted goodnight no-less-than-5 hours sleep every day. This was the time I found out that I had enough adrenaline to do anything I want to do pushing my physical limits I was aware of. These are the difficult times make a profound change in our lives.

It was an early morning and I was walking towards the railway station through a park close to the boarding I rented. I must have had woken up too early; I had enough time to catch the tube (train). I was feeling good to see frosted grasses shining at dawn sunrise and it's a miracle enjoying these things early in the morning without any coffee or tea in my system. I even had the energy to go out there in the cold and take some photographs on my good old K750i Sony Ericsson phone.

I could look at these pictures at any point of my life and remember my University life. Nowadays, some times when I'm free, I open the code files I wrote when I was in uni and wonder what was going through in my mind when I wrote them. Looking at the past may not be very beneficial thing to do, but it certainly is interesting and should never hesitate to capture our best moments in the present.

Today, I was going through the files to back-up and clean my computer to re-install windows 8 due to avast antivirus screw-up [FYI, Windows 8 won't work when you have Avast Antivirus installed:(]. When I go through the files, I found some of the project files I worked on and lost myself for a while thinking about the days. Some of the project I worked on could have been managed better. Now I realize that the project managing approach I was introduced to had flows.  I managed to get rid of some of the issues I had when it comes to project management and dealing with people. Yeah, I had issues... yeah I certainly did have issues and I still have a few of them I had. Need to spot them, isolate them, take a good look at them and work on them before it's too late. Clock is ticking. Our past's increasing and our future's decreasing. We should record the present while we live it. We should replay the past once in a while to see what we did and move on to the future to do it better.

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein