Friday, February 29, 2008

Why am I?

I had to comment on my friend's blog and I found it interesting after I type it. So I modified it a little and posting here for you to read. After you read this, comment what you think.

Why does god allow bad things to happen? Why the god permits people to kill each other. Why does he allow bad people to hurt innocents? Why he is there without letting us know that he is there?

I always ask this question myself. Most of the people realize/know that there is a creator of this universe and things in it. But the question is, Does he really cares about people who live on the earth? Or does he know that we pray upon him? Or does he know that there are good people and bad people and does he know who are they? I think, god/creator of the universe is not what we think. We have no idea about what's happening out there. What we have taught is wrong or we couldn't understand what our religion teaches us.

I don't think, we can make the god happy by singing spiritual songs. I don't think, we can communicate to him by spelling manthras or by praying. As an ordinary guy, I couldn't understand any of these things. My mind is not allowing me to accept anything without prove.

May be I'm wrong. I don't say that what people are saying is wrong. I just don't understand any of these. Since I don't have a better answer for all of these questions in my mind, I listen what others say without questioning them. And for the same reason I follow my religion as closely as possible.

I feel bad to be a person who doesn't know why he is. I feel bad to be a person who doesn't know why all this. I feel sad to be a person who doesn't do anything to know it.