Sunday, October 25, 2009

Days pass by so fast

Now it's almost four months from my last post. Time passes so fast and I don't know how I get busy without doing anything. Organizing my time and finishing things as I plan is simply a pain, and In many occasions it doesn't work. I schedule things then something very important comes in and I reschedule everything all over again.

I wanted to update my website or post a new blog entry on every Sundays, but it didn't work. Always, something is there to puts this plan on hold. Last week, I had to do my laundry. Always something is there to put something else on hold. We do batch process. We process a very big queue of thing from the day we are born till the day we die weather we like it or not. I know, .... my dump philosophy, but I don't care, I like to look at things on a broad timespan. ERRRRRRR stop.. ok

Last week I happened to meet one of my favourite lecturers and got a chance to talk to him about a 15 minutes. We talked about all sort of things and finally he told me "You need to relax jeyaram., move things a bit slow. Think more. Do less". He's absolutely right. I start to do things immediately without thinking much. Actually, I'm scared of being late, so I start immediately which make the scenario worse. For an instance; If I want to design something, I start designing it without imaging/picturising in my mind how the end design going to be. I can take bit more time to think about it and finalize the design in my mind and put my thoughts quickly into the actual design and get it done, rather than designing it without thinking in the beginning, and get everything messed up.

Always this was the case in my life. When I start playing football, I just hit the ball the way I want, the way it's easy for me. Just hit, no matter where my team mate is or no matter where the goalpost is, just hit. Then I figured it out, always have a rough idea of where your team mates are, and take the ball, stop it, control it and pass it on to one of your team mates.

I learn things every sec. Things keep getting better and better. My mates around me helps me a lot to figure things out ; grow. I love the whole thing. As big cinema stars say, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone behind the scene, but there is no scene here though. Some make scene, some are real; I just like the real part and just like to ignore the scene part.

I hate when people ain't real. I hate people pretend to like you. The most annoying thing in this "English" western world is, you say "Hi, hello, how are you, you all-right, I'm fine.... " whether you like the person/situation or not. As many of you know, in Tamil or in any other Asian languages we rarely say, "Please". Once I went to a swim pool and asked the entrance ticket issuing lady "Two Adult-Swim-tickets". Then she got a bit angry and she was like "Please...." and waiting for me to repeat it. Then I said again the whole thing " Two Adult-Swim-Tickets Please..", humbly. Then she was happy...

All just drama. I want to just let go of all the pointless drama and the people. I just need real people and real things all around me and Of cause, I'm real , I'm real to everyone and I offer real things, not the fake ones.

Hopefully, I will post something interesting next week. I'm gonna listen to some new good songs and sleep.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is one of the subjects I think all the time. When I travel in the bus, when I cook my food, when I walk, when I’m in the toilet and even when I was in the Lecture hall. This is just not a word, this is a theory, this is a concept, this is very broad subject applicable to many day-to-day things in our lives, it's a philosophy and it’s even lot more to me. This is the answer to many problems in the world. Understanding this word will make us many times better, not because it’s giving us the answer to be happy, not because it solves our day-to-day problems, not because it makes us understand the things we never understood, but because of all that.

This is not only about the “Relativity” we study in our physics classes, but also about some other places where we forgot to think about it. How many of us buy a toffee in a retail shop? How many of those, who buy toffee think about toffee when it tastes good. For how many of us buying a toffee is as happy thing as buying a car or buying an aeroplane? When we have a bar of chocolate, a toffee does not matter to us. When we have a packet of chocolate and toffees, a bar of chocolate does not matter to us. When we have a motorcycle, a bicycle does not matter much. When we have a car, a motorcycle does not matter much. When we own a helicopter, a car is as cheap as a bicycle. We value things in terms of money. In other words, we relate almost everything to money. But in reality, having a bicycle is more important than having a helicopter when we need to go to our friend’s place near or to a shop next street.

What we had and what we have, the deference is the vital part of happiness. When someone really poor buys a toffee, the happiness he/she feels; when someone really rich buys a toffee, the happiness he/she feels; real deference. The poor person will enjoy the toffee most where the rich guy will feel nothing.

What we have – what we had ∝ happiness

What we have – what we had ∝ development/success

So we can’t just scale our development or success by what we have. Understanding these related things makes it easy to deal with hard times or problems. In fact, this kind of mechanical thinking on our day-to-day problems helps us reduce stress.

Relativity, in physics and in nature, helps us find the truth. If we look at an object with a naked eye, we would not know how far away it is. We may think it is 10 meters away, but it might be more than that or less than that. As we study in Kinematics, outer environment appears like moving in an opposite direction when we are in a train, although the outer environment does not. How we differentiate a three dimensional environment from a two dimensional film or computer screen, even though both of them screen as two dimensional in human eyeball’s “Fovea”? Human brain relates things and finds the truth. More related data we have, more nearer we are to the truth.

My final and third point is, recognizing the relationship between things is the best way to find the truth, solve problems and It should be the only way making Albert Einstein’s “unified field theory" or new “theory of everything” possible.

So what exactly am I suggesting?

Do not judge or define anything or anyone without considering the effect of other related things or people.

Practise to relate things/people easily.

I believe having maps of related things in our memory will help us reveal many spiritual secrets and scientific truths.

P.S: After I read this post, I realize that I have somewhat failed to materialize my thought on relativity. When I am alone and think about these things, thoughts flow naturally, but when I sit to write I loose the flow in the middle. I’ll try and do better in my next post.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm done. Got my first Degree

Words cannot express the happiness and joy I feel right now. I knew I was gonna make it finally, but there were just things that made it rather difficult to be happy about. I mean, how could I not graduate? Last semester, my final project and other courseworks made me worry about graduating this year. Finally I managed to finish those better than I planned with the help of my friends and family.

When I fail my A Level, I thought, my life is over. One portion of my life was closed, but the door to the rest of the world was opened to me. Now I strongly believe, there is always a way to get what we want. Sometime things are easy, sometimes hard. As one of my flatmates always says, everything has a reason to happen. We just need to accept it and work harder. This first degree will definitely give me more confidence to face my future, to get a good job and to develop myself more. Sometimes things go, not the way we expected them to go, but in the end everything turns out well.

As I blogged earlier, the musical God, A.R.Rahman had come to my graduation ceremony and our university honoured him with a doctorate. I finally got a chance to see him in front of me. Actually he looked at me. I never thought I will see him. The whole thing was unbelievable. I am really lucky.

So congratulations to myself, congratulations to my fellow graduates, congratulations everyone else who is graduating in Middlesex University and to everyone else who waited out side of uni and met A.R.Rahman!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

தமிழ் & සිංහල NEW YEAR!

இன்று புதுசு. நாளை பழசு.

பழசை கொன்று புதுசை கொண்டாடுறம்.
பழசுகள் செய்த பாழாய் போனவை புதுசு

வரிஷங்கள் வந்தன. மாசங்கள் போயின.
வாழ்கையின் வருத்தங்களும் வசந்தங்களும்..
வாரங்கள் வந்தன. நாட்கள் நீண்டன.
வந்த மாற்றங்களும் சமாதானமும்.

வந்தவை வரமாக.!
வாழ்கையில் இருள் நீங்க..!
மதி கொண்டு மனிதன்
கருனை நிதி கொண்டு கடவுள்
கடந்து வந்த வாழ்வின்
கஷ்டங்கள் நீக்க...!

வடக்கையும் தெற்கையும்
கிழக்கையும் மேற்கையும்
கத்வுகள் திறக்க.!
சாந்தி சமாதனம்
சர்வமும் சமமாக..!

புது வரிஷத்திலை புதுசா எதாவது நடக்கட்டும்.

I wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and happy தமிழ் & සිංහල new year.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A.R.Rahman conferred with Middlesex University degree

OMG! Guys, I'm thrilled! The musical god, A.R.Rahman is going to graduate with me:P! I can't wait to see him. This is the best news for me this year.... wooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww.....!!

A R Rahman is on the receiving end. After the honorary doctorate offered by the Anna University, Chennai for his achievements in the field of music, now it is the turn of Middlesex University, London.

The Mozart of Madras has been identified for an honorary degree by the reputed Middlesex University, London. The degree is likely to be conferred on the maestro on the day of the Graduation Ceremony to be held at Middlesex University in London in the month of July this year. Mr. Joe Victor, Regional Director of Middlesex University met Mr. A.R Rahman and Mr. T Selvakumar Co-founder & CEO of KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, regarding this issue.
KM Music Conservatory & Audio Media Education was launched in the month of July last year. Their main goal is to train Indian students in Western music performance, Composition and Music Technology so that they can compete in the international arena. They are also working towards forming their own symphony orchestra consisting of its own musicians.
Talks are on with the Regional Director South Asia of Middlesex University, London, for academic recognition for the Bachelor of Arts Honors Program for Music Composition and Music Performance. This will be a three year program the first two years of which will be at Chennai at the KM Conservatory and the final year in London. The course is likely to start from January 2010. The eligibility criteria to avail this degree would be a pass in twelfth standard and one year training in KM Music Conservatory Foundation Program.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Things get a bit crazy. Help please..

Things get a bit crazy. I have been given an individual project to finish within a month and I have three more coursework and a test to be done. My life's getting crazy. For my individual project, I need to interview people with speech impairments. I'm trying to find someone to interview and to finish this off.

Yesterday, I was talking to one my friends about my project and about meeting someone to get an interview recorded. So, me and my friend went to his cousin's place to meet one of his relatives who has some problems with his speech, and finally end up meeting a guy who can hardly hear anything clearly. He is from Zimbabwe and he speaks very funny with too much of filthy words, though he can not hear anyone clearly. His normal talk is like African-American rappers, so I asked my friend "he looks white and he can't hear a thing, how's he doing this rap?". He told me that he uses a special equipment to watch TV which was the only useful information for my project on the interview. He was telling us a nice joke of Chris Rock, I just found on youtube and watched. He says...

" You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy,the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon. "

Ah.. the whole point of this blog post is, getting help from you to collect information and other useful stuffs for my individual project. My individual project task is to develop a very cost‐effective Human‐Computer interactive system to help people with speech impairments. Please comment or mail me, if you konw someone who has problems with his/her speech.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Credit Crunch

Credit Crunch
Dear friends. A thousand apologies, I couldn't post anything useful last 5 months. Now, I'm doing computer science in middlesex university and I'm quite busy with doing coursework, studying, cooking on my own and with my works. New place, new people, multicultural environment, new rules, new regulations, new lifestyle and new challenges kept me away from my regular things. But, now, I'm getting used to it and really like it; doing things own my own. Initially, when I join this university, I had to struggle a lot to know the rule and act according to the regulations and to get a job. Here in London, now it's pretty difficult to get a good job and they say it's because of the "credit crunch".

What is it? Whenever they say this phrase, I act as if I know the word. I asked about this from some of my friends, they told me about it what they think, but not even close to the truth. Then, I started googling about it in the Internet and I found that it isn't a solid concept or clear-cut thing to explain. It's a name for a problem and its roots. I try to explain about it as accurate as possible and I put some links below for further reference.

The main idea of credit crunch is reduction in availability of loans or credit crunch is a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers. I guess from what I studied by reading all these webs, unplanned lending causes credit crunch. I seriously don't know how it affects job market. I guess, companies face problems when there is no lending from bank and they couldn't afford to pay salary for its employees.

Times news paper clearly explains :

some of the other links on this area of study: