Thursday, April 15, 2010

My last post on

This is going to be my last post on and I'll be blogging on one of the blogging CMSs or on as no longer Google will support my blog integration. That means, No longer I can synch my with Google's blogger server. I have been doing this for a long time for lotz of reasons. Mainly, I thought having my blog with google will drive web-traffic to my website. I'm really sad that I can no longer do this, but I guess everything has a good reason to happen. I'm sure I'll find an alternative way.

Other than this, as most of you already know, I lost my last job and I'm looking for a good job. I think I mentioned this in my last post as well. And, now I'm in a nice new place where I can do a lot in my PC (Ah, by the way, I'm a PC guy - Not MAC :p). Besides the fact that I lost my job, last week was pretty good and busy... doing what?...mmm .. Doing some CSS corrections to my website. My web home page was acting funny on Google Chrome browser, now It's fixed. That was a CSS issue. And some of the problems with Adsense Ad placement is fixed.

Again Java's come handy after Google's app-engine allows everyone to start develop apps on appspot using Java. I don't really know anything about python, so I was worried when they introduce app-engine only works with pythan. I tried creating an app, works fine. So far I couldn't come up with any good ideas I can use Google app engine to my website. Whole new world of opportunities are opening up on cloud computing, but I don't really know where to start. Now my twitter is synched with all the other accounts I have, like google buzz, youtube, orkut, myspace, hi5, facebook, picasa, MSN, Yahoo and other da da ta ta daaaa.. And everything synchs perfectly.

Now all the social networking sites are chained nicely. My twitter account updates google buzz, Google buzz updates my GTalk status then that goes to my SIP clients. Everything happens nicely. So, now it's just matter of updating something on my ChromeBrid - That updates everywhere.

Summer, wonderful world to look at, happy part of the year, I'm just chillin applying for jobs doing some serious learning & meeting and talking to my friends. Check my new blog soon, till then a good bye to all of you.

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