Sunday, April 30, 2006

a.r.rahman's airtel TV commercial

a.r.rahman's airtel TV commercial [download]

AR Rahman tries to divert a crankykid's attention by playing theharmonica.

He calls up his recordist to replaythe tune. "It's nice. You want to addsomething more?", is the response.

On the way, Rahman picks up a flutistand percussionist and they jam."Live in a dream. Live in a hope. Letthe rhythm take control. Live in this...

... day. Live the moment right now.",go the lyrics. Passing by a concert,all the musicians give an improvisedperformance.

All through, the music is transmittedover Airtel to the recording studio.

Super: 16 states, 600 million people.MVO: Airtel. Live every moment.

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  1. Super jeyarm put this kind of stuffs. ela ela.
    shall i give you sirasa super star videos??
    - surath perera