Sunday, April 29, 2007

Find your favorite music file using Google search..

Hi! Sorry, I couldn’t post any thing on my blog last couple of weeks due to some…mmmmm No actually, I had to do an assignment on Java. Ok. This post is gonna be quite interesting. Now you can find your favorite music or video or any other files using Google search or Google powered search engines like search.

Ok. Now let’s see how to search music or video files using Google. First you need to type like
intitle:”index.of” (mp3|wma) –exclude.this
into the search box.

When you type
Google lists all the web pages with the title of “index of”.
Mostly all the web directory listing pages has this key word by default. It’s a web server functionality. Say, if you have a folder into your apache web server root without any index file, apache will list all the files and folders in it. That directory listing page has the word “index of”.
Next, you need to type the extension of the file type that you want. If you want to specify only one extension, no need of parenthesis. You can just type
Intitle:”index.of” mp3
But, if you want more file types to prefer, you need to type like.
Intite:”index.of” (mp3|wma|mp4)
Next, the file name. Remember; don’t give any space between words. Instead of giving space type a full stop sign.
Intitle:”index.of” (mp3|wma) shakira.hips.dont.lie

Next, if you want to exclude anything in your search. Just put a minus sign and give the word that you want to exclude.
Intitle:”index.of” (mp3|wma) shakira.hips.dont.lie –edited.version

Ok. Now you try this out and post your comments and questions.

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