Sunday, May 26, 2013

Discovering - Finding the real me.

Finding the real me is an enlightening experience. I believe knowing ourselves are very important in order to know what we can do with ourselves. I become self-sufficient and do things for myself, for once. I'm no longer needy and become utterly grateful for all the things people have done for me in the past. Finding the real me is a time of harmony because I develop the philosophy or belief system that will carry me throughout the rest of my life. From the day we remember being as a kid till now we have gone through a lot, processed a massive amount of information, judged a lot of incidents/people and dealt with many problems.

How do I know that I found myself or I know me. Well, I don't; as a matter of fact I don't even know how much I know about me or how much more there to know about me. I would make a guess that no body can' t, unless you're a religiously crafty person making others fool, I don't think anybody can.

So, why am I writing about this at this point of time or what made me write about this today. Today, I found myself getting up early, took a wash, eat, cleaned my place, did the washing and many other things without any tired or any frustration as to how many thing there to be done. Today, I'm just keeping myself calm by some miracle and doing everything I had planned one by one without pushing myself much.

When you become more aware of yourself, know about your habits, know things around you better and getting used to dealing with things of similar nature, everything becomes so easy and less challenging. Basically, we become experienced in one routine of life, that routine becomes easy to follow and less challenging.

I feel like I'm so comfortable with my current life-style that things get done on its own. Which is something I don't think takes me in a good direction. I'm one of those people like challenge and like to have goals. I have not reached my goals, but in a narrow sense I neither see any challenges. I feel like I should change some things around to keep me challenged. Could be a new project or new job or something new that should make my head spin:)

Knowing oneself, is kind of a confusing subject to think about. What I really mean by knowing myself is that Now I feel like I know what kind of situations makes me happy, what make me sneeze, what makes me sick, what should I do to make me healthy, how I should plan my Sunday morning to keep me happy. Many other things I was doing so badly and learnt to do better. Just one another example is, recently I met with an accident and I should now be able to deal with a police case without much stress. It feel so much better when you know how to do things.

Now, just to keep this blog post interesting, I'm going to give you some pointers or some of the things you could do and follow to find yourself.
  1. Go to a place where there is no body. Sit there relaxed and loose yourself thinking about the current problems you have. Go through every detail of the problems you have. Just think about them unconsciously while you enjoy the peaceful surrounding where you're without anybody near to you. Do this at least an hour then automatically you will see some ideas/solutions to your problems popping in  your head. Think of the solutions you get consciously and choose the right ones to make-happen. Whenever I have problems or whenever I find myself alone peacefully, I do this.
  2. It's also a good idea to practice to have a checklist checked in your head all the time. It really helps keep me focused. Whether it's a short term goal or a long term one, just add it to the list in your head and keep them checked all the time.
  3. Write down all the major goals somewhere you can see everyday, big and clear. So you would be able to remember the things you have to do and you could keep track of the time as well. If there is anything I learnt in my university, it would be time, I got second class upper degree where I should have got first class because I gave an individual project a day late. So, time is very important for success guys and Now I'm very happy that I'm getting much better at completing things on time. 
  4. Another thing is that when you want to do something or get something big done, start with a clean state of mind. Recently, I'm lucky to work on some interesting defects at work and every time when I start looking at a problem with a clean and clear state of mind, I find myself with a fairly good solution that fixes the problem without breaking anything else.
  5. One of the biggest problems I'm trying to overcome is that I have this need to be accepted by all or liked/loved by all. I think, this is coming from the human need to be a hero. This is one of the biggest problem for most of our guys. I want to settle down on something once I'm OK with what I'm doing. Nowadays I keep remind myself that I don't need to be loved by everyone all the time. If I'm not quite sure then I seek help from some few people I trust. Not everyone is a saint and we don't have to seek approval from everyone for everything we do and I'm continuing to fail to understand this. Hopefully, I'll get better at understanding this when I meet more bad people:)
  6. I feel that not depending on anyone for some crucial things in life is one of my strengths. This is purely because of my childhood in Jaffna. If you're born and brought up in Jaffna, you'll get this character automatically, you don't even have to try.
  7. Help. I really only want to help the ones those who really need it. I hate to help the lazy ones. Also, I try not to disturb others to help. Some people say seeking help is as equally good as helping others. They must be right.
  8. "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" - Mahathama Ghandi.  
  9. One thing I learn from the accident I met with in this January is that we should expect everything all the time and we should kinda be ready for it, if possible. Starting with taking an umbrella before rain till having some money in the bank saved thinking in case if I loose my job. This is something I couldn't make happen in my life. I'm trying so hard, but mostly there is a bad word interrupts - ignorance.
  10. Questing everything and Enjoying solitude are the two best characteristics of mine, however, I don't see  how that helps in Sri Lanka. I have heard people say those are good qualities though:)
That's all I got for today out of the excitement of discovering myself:) 

One more important thing, as I have mentioned earlier, I met with an accident recently and a lawyer truly helped me get through some of the problems in the process of claiming the insurance money. She takes part in an organization called "Business and Professional Women Sri Lanka" that helps people. I would appreciate, if you guys could help them raise money. Please visit:

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