Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm done. Got my first Degree

Words cannot express the happiness and joy I feel right now. I knew I was gonna make it finally, but there were just things that made it rather difficult to be happy about. I mean, how could I not graduate? Last semester, my final project and other courseworks made me worry about graduating this year. Finally I managed to finish those better than I planned with the help of my friends and family.

When I fail my A Level, I thought, my life is over. One portion of my life was closed, but the door to the rest of the world was opened to me. Now I strongly believe, there is always a way to get what we want. Sometime things are easy, sometimes hard. As one of my flatmates always says, everything has a reason to happen. We just need to accept it and work harder. This first degree will definitely give me more confidence to face my future, to get a good job and to develop myself more. Sometimes things go, not the way we expected them to go, but in the end everything turns out well.

As I blogged earlier, the musical God, A.R.Rahman had come to my graduation ceremony and our university honoured him with a doctorate. I finally got a chance to see him in front of me. Actually he looked at me. I never thought I will see him. The whole thing was unbelievable. I am really lucky.

So congratulations to myself, congratulations to my fellow graduates, congratulations everyone else who is graduating in Middlesex University and to everyone else who waited out side of uni and met A.R.Rahman!

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