Thursday, June 26, 2008

CD50/6V/Battery powered - table fan motor-cycle:P

Today, in the morning, I was on my way home with my friend from Jeya Book Shop. As we pass Vajira temple, a woman was riding a lovely scooter smoothly without any noise. It's an electric scooter.

Trend is changing, time has come to throw away our fossil fuel vehicles and switch to a new technology which is electric-motor-engine. Particularly, It's new to Sri Lanka.

I thought of making a bicycle, electric motor - fixed, when I was in chavakachchari. Actually, I tried it once with my "CD50/6V/motorbike-battery" and with a small fan-motor. I don't care whether you believe this or not, but I did. I didn't know how to fix an accelerator for that. So, I had to pedal my bicycle first, then I had to switch on the motor. As I switch on the motor, it will have an impact on the bicycle and it'll start to move in a constant speed. I rode it couple of weeks like that and finally burnt the fan's motor coils and ruined my motor cycle battery. Till I came colombo, I had to use the bike without a battery.

That's all about my Jaffna electric-bike story! So, let me come back to the point. The electronic bike I saw in the morning was "e-max 70". My friend wanted to get details about the bike at MotoLanka, so we went to Motolanka Limited and checked some electric motorbikes.

My friend acted as if he is going to buy that bike then & there to the sales assistant. The sales assistant told us to give it a try. Both of us circled the shop twice in the bike, showed an unsatisfied facial expression and came home. Probably, He will never allow us inside anymore.

It's a really nice and smooth bike.
  • Very economical - 65 cents per km.
  • 6 months battery warranty and 2 years for motor.
  • Maximum speed 60 km/h.
  • 8 hours battery charge - 70 km to 90 km.
  • Environmentally friendly.
My view is that it's just a new modified modern version of my
"CD50 6V Battery powered - table fan motor-cycle" :p

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  1. //a woman was riding a lovely scooter smoothly without any noise

    Ok. A woman. Smoothly?:P Okey. I got it. lovely scooter or lovely woman?

    //Actually, I tried it once with my "CD50/6V/motorbike-battery" and with a small fan-motor.

    You made a electric bike? Well, that's ... Okey, anyway; Jeyaram scientist ... hoooooo. It doesn't fit buddy!. Better luck next time!!