Sunday, October 25, 2009

Days pass by so fast

Now it's almost four months from my last post. Time passes so fast and I don't know how I get busy without doing anything. Organizing my time and finishing things as I plan is simply a pain, and In many occasions it doesn't work. I schedule things then something very important comes in and I reschedule everything all over again.

I wanted to update my website or post a new blog entry on every Sundays, but it didn't work. Always, something is there to puts this plan on hold. Last week, I had to do my laundry. Always something is there to put something else on hold. We do batch process. We process a very big queue of thing from the day we are born till the day we die weather we like it or not. I know, .... my dump philosophy, but I don't care, I like to look at things on a broad timespan. ERRRRRRR stop.. ok

Last week I happened to meet one of my favourite lecturers and got a chance to talk to him about a 15 minutes. We talked about all sort of things and finally he told me "You need to relax jeyaram., move things a bit slow. Think more. Do less". He's absolutely right. I start to do things immediately without thinking much. Actually, I'm scared of being late, so I start immediately which make the scenario worse. For an instance; If I want to design something, I start designing it without imaging/picturising in my mind how the end design going to be. I can take bit more time to think about it and finalize the design in my mind and put my thoughts quickly into the actual design and get it done, rather than designing it without thinking in the beginning, and get everything messed up.

Always this was the case in my life. When I start playing football, I just hit the ball the way I want, the way it's easy for me. Just hit, no matter where my team mate is or no matter where the goalpost is, just hit. Then I figured it out, always have a rough idea of where your team mates are, and take the ball, stop it, control it and pass it on to one of your team mates.

I learn things every sec. Things keep getting better and better. My mates around me helps me a lot to figure things out ; grow. I love the whole thing. As big cinema stars say, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone behind the scene, but there is no scene here though. Some make scene, some are real; I just like the real part and just like to ignore the scene part.

I hate when people ain't real. I hate people pretend to like you. The most annoying thing in this "English" western world is, you say "Hi, hello, how are you, you all-right, I'm fine.... " whether you like the person/situation or not. As many of you know, in Tamil or in any other Asian languages we rarely say, "Please". Once I went to a swim pool and asked the entrance ticket issuing lady "Two Adult-Swim-tickets". Then she got a bit angry and she was like "Please...." and waiting for me to repeat it. Then I said again the whole thing " Two Adult-Swim-Tickets Please..", humbly. Then she was happy...

All just drama. I want to just let go of all the pointless drama and the people. I just need real people and real things all around me and Of cause, I'm real , I'm real to everyone and I offer real things, not the fake ones.

Hopefully, I will post something interesting next week. I'm gonna listen to some new good songs and sleep.

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