Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 - Need an R & D Job - மாட்டு பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Allo all & Allo 2010. 'Allo' is tamil version of Hallo. 2009 was good; actually It was great.
Let me list my

2009 achievements.
  1. Jeyaram. BSc (Hon) [ Not a normal person anymore ]
  2. Found a Job as soon as I graduated.
  3. Met trillions of new people.
  4. France VISA - [ Never wanna talk about ]
  5. Labelled myself as a true Google fan. I love Google.
    The only thing makes me high, Checking Google's new product launches.
  6. Completed my JAVA api - SMPSI fully (Tested 1000 times, Documentation is ready)
  7. 3 "ACTIV" projects to fill my pocket.
  8. Normal cook to Great cook.
  9. Revamping THEACTIV.COM with Shiya _/||\_ & Ratha ( Pending )
  10. Learned a bit of Flash AS3 and ASP.NET.
  11. Earned some good friends at Platt halls. ( My uni hostel )
  12. And many more small ones.... I mean, regular size ones
So what 2010 brought me? So what am I up to? Now, I need to find a Job somewhere in R & D even If I don't get paid much. I need a Job where I can think out of the box and use my creativity and do something amazing. I know I can do amazing things, but I need a better platform., I mean a better Job which allows me to be creative, allows me practise my own way of doing things and so on and so forth.. If I like or excited about anything, I can learn whatever it is quickly. That's why I always say my mates, I would pay Google, If I can get a Job in Google.:p It's a metaphor, Obviously I can't pay Google, but you know what I mean.

My lecturer told me "You can't get an R & D Job with out PhD". He must be wrong.. He is Jealous ...

I though of posting something on my blog on the first day of 2010, but I was deep inside my bed mattress. Then woke up on the 6th and made a test HD youtube video using my mobile. Check it
Now I'm trying to establish a habbit of updating my Twitter, Picasa, Youtube & blog regularly. So, In 2086, in my 100s, I can look back and say "Fellows! That was me."

I wish you a best மாட்டு பொங்கல் & my deepest sympathy to all those who suffer in Haiti. What can I possibly do to help my fellow Haitians?

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