Monday, July 22, 2013

It’s a never ending quest

Today, now, as any other weekend evenings; I’m ly-ing partially arching my back on the warm sand in the beach comfortably. My mind feels clean, must be this gentle breeze coming from sea towards the beach and the moon light. It’s around 7.30 PM now. No sun, but moon is on night shift. Beach side lights complaining moon’s job. Unusually few people for Sunday.

I don’t remember thinking anything when come and sit here, but then as I start to look around, the people walk, talk, lights, dogs, coconut trees, bars, restaurants and hotels; looking at these, little-little ideas/thoughts/judgments/comments start to pop inside my brain. Tomorrow is full moon day, so today; moon’s bright and beautiful lighting up the whole beach and the sea. The people are truly blessed to be here and experience this.

Mostly these chains of thoughts make me paranoid and leave me with a million questions. Why am I here? What am I doing? Who these people are?  What are they doing here? Why some are happy and some are not? Why some are rich and others are not? Why some drink a lot, shout and laugh to a point they bother others? The questions list is usually very big that I get frustrated not being able to answer any and feeling petite.  Most people seem to be comfortable agreeing with whatever the religion they follow to answer these questions somewhat irrationally and blindly. I have a need to make sense when I tell myself something. If I tell myself that I’m here because god created me, I know I will really get angry at myself easily. So, I can’t try to answer myself any of these questions relying solely on religion.

Some of the questions popped in my head are in and around the area where I’m comfortable answering.
  1. What programming language should I choose to excel on and why?
  2. How to keep me up-to-date with the current technologies?
  3. iOS or Android and would I need a tablet?
  4. Where I want to settle down?
  5. What are the things I badly want to change in my personal life?
  6. How I want to change the world?

Most of the time when I think about these things, I add a note to my “any.DO” app in my iOS, which is awesome BTW, and remind myself everyday to make them a routine or to complete them or make a decision on. Since I don’t have anything nice to write in my blog, I’m thinking of picking some of the things I noted in my “any.DO” relating to the some of the questions I have been asking myself and answer them in future posts. I’m typing this on my iPhone blogger app as I’m listening to some quality Jazz. It’s not something I find easy to do. I’m still struggling to acclimatize to mobile-computing; I’m still more comfortable typing on a computer.

So, I’m going to switch to Microsoft OneNote and note down the things I want to write when I post separate blog entries answering the above questions. Talking about OneNote, if you’re using any iOS devices, please try Microsoft Office OneNote. …….. ahhhhh… Also,  It’s a bit dark here and my camera doesn’t do a good job in low light conditions yet I shot some ok pictures to post along with this blog entry to give you guys a sagacity of what I’m talking about.

I would really appreciate guys, if you could email or comment your answers to the questions I talked about. I badly want to get interactive with the bloggers community and learn art of writing, but so far I couldn’t find an easy way to do that.

I’m doing so many things thinking one day or another these things are going to make sense. Hope I’m right and thank you, if you want to say to me “Hey! Who knows what’s going on? Do what you feel like doing.” Life seems to be a never ending pursuit of answers to so many questions we have and as we experience new many things every day we get the answers and forget the questions.

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